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What is Kbuti?



is an online grassroots conversation, connection, creation, contribution, and community hive for like-minded individuals on their unique parenthood path who require the assistance of a donor.The word Kbuti is a self-created  that derives from Kibbutz, which is a uniquely Israeli type of settlement deeply rooted in the values of social responsibility and community exchange.


The Kbuti Community is for you if:

You’re wondering how the heck you can become a mama when you’ve just woken up to the harsh reality that you’re going to have to find a way to have a baby sans partner


IUI’s and IVF aren’t working and you need to change strategy


You need to connect with a bunch of like-minded peeps who too are on the mission so you can get some support, laughter, advice and some sideline cheer!


You only want to meet your donor in the flesh to make a baby!

Having been through the sperm donor mission myself, navigated all the pot-holes and succeeded, I realised I could help others in their journey, and support them through the experience to achieve the gift like I have now. 

While I’m hell bent on sharing everything I learned along the way and what

I wished I had known at the time, I’m child-driven, all about transparency and ensuring the full donorscape is really understood. 

Because a baby isn’t just an idea today, they are a soon-to-be force in the future for their forever.

Kbuti is a people platform for learning, connection and support. 


About Hayley

She’s a self-published author,  holistic health coach, former TV chick and now mother to a wonderful little boy.  She spent a decade living in the United States working on TV shows and start-ups before settling back in Australia in 2015 after she and her partner split.  She then had to find her way again in Australia and start again from scratch.

Within 2 years, with sheer determination and drive, Hayley became a first-time mother at 42 years of age.  She wrote her book to inspire women to take the reins of their motherhood dreams and coaches women on how to carve out their own conception path.



Buy A Copy Of DSS

In my memoir ‘Desperately Seeking Semen’, I share my sperm donor story and offer some insight into how I navigated my way down this daunting path after I was deemed medically infertile by a fertility clinic. I hope my words offer some comfort if you’re already on this journey, a supportive hand to let you know that you’re definitely not alone in doing this or perhaps lift the lid on what it’s all about especially if you, or someone you know, is sitting on the fence about it.

Hayley I finished the book while I was on the ferry From Santorini to Athens.  I loved it and couldn’t put it down.  It really was an incredible journey and very emotional while also insightful.  I kept going back and reading certain passages so I could make sure to really learn the concepts.


As a 40-year-old career woman, I also found myself newly single after too many Mr Wrongs and fertility literally ticking away. I can totally relate to Hayley’s story and take great strength from it. DSS is a funny, emotional, informative and honest read that importantly reassured me that it’s actually “okay” to be a single mum, it’s okay to do it on my own if I have to. After feeling somewhat ashamed about not finding the right guy “in time”, choosing a donor path if needs be is totally acceptable, and I thank Hayley for changing mindsets by sharing her story!


It’s so wonderful!

Heather (97 years old)