Kbuti Group is founded on the principles, values and DNA that begins with the kindness, trust, honesty and selflessness of humans who support each other to bring new life into the world through gametes donation.

Hayley Hendrix founded Kbuti Group after experiencing her own radical journey to truth, knowledge and a baby. Her journey, first-hand experiences, and awakenings took her to the end of the earth and back to help solve her own longing of being a mother despite not having a partner.

Along the way she discovered a massive and growing need for many people who wished there were resources and a path to their dreams of having a family of their own.  She was also exposed to the dirty side of Big Fertility, the recklessness of known serial donors, the importance of DNA connections and identity transparency.

So Kbuti’s membership and signature ‘Pave Your Path to Pregnancy’ course was formed to solve these issues.


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PaveYour Path

to Pregnancy (PYPTP)

Pave Your Path to Pregnancy is a digital course designed to get you in tip-top fertility shape and give you a detailed understanding of the known donorscape.  

Designed by Hayley Hendrix who carved out her own solo mission to become a parent, this course contains all the info she wish she had when she had to figure it out.

Videos will guide you down the conception path she travelled as well as introduce to a whole bunch of stuff that may assist you in catching that lucky baby break.

Not only did she meet with many specialists over her two year quest to get pregnant sans man, she also became aware of so many other conception challenges that she would never have been privy to had she not had been in the stressful position she was in.

So she’s gathered her own first hand experiences and all the learnings she picked up along the way, as well as much-needed advice from experts and put them here all in one spot.  

She’s cut out all the BS and noise so you can just get on with moving down your own path, your own way, and not waste any more time.

Pave Your Path to Pregnancy will give you a clear, holistic and well-rounded way forward whether you’re trying to push on with a partner or on your own.


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Course Features

  • Successful blueprint!
  • Over 60 videos
  • Preconception agreement including entire walk through video with family lawyer
  • Due diligence checklist
  • Private, supportive FB community
  • Detailed Questionnaire
  • Interviews with experts – Family Lawyer, Therapist, Fertility specialist, Donors and Donor Conceived Adults

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Course Topics

  • All your fertility options
  • Aligning for Fertility
  • Legalities
  • Donor Insight and Respectful Interaction
  • Defining Family
  • Conception Methods
  • Building your Baby Making Road Map

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Course Benefits

  • Become conception ready
  • You’ll be able to make informed decisions
  • Achieve Clarity & Peace of Mind
  • Seek and Source Donors Mindfully
  • Get a complete, holistic & well rounded understanding of creating a family today

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Solo mom Hayley Hendrix with baby

I’ve been so happy to be able to assist other women across the globe who too are finding their own ways to parenthood having shared my not so pretty story.


  • Walked through the SHAME of having to use a random man’s sperm to create a baby and not that of someone who loved me,

  • Been JUDGED with contempt for being so selfish in choosing to do this in an unconventional way

  • Sat in a lot of FEAR of what raising a child would be and how I could truly financially make it possible alone

  • Lashed out at my ex and me for risking my fertile window

  • Let go of what I thought my life should look like and how it actually is

  • Stopped worrying about if someone will accept me as a package deal opposed to staying single

  • Been under the social humiliation spotlight having been ‘left on the shelf’ at 4-0 without one marriage proposal.

Hayley x

More About The Course

It was a two-year conception journey that included IUI failures, dating disasters, a tonne of self-doubt and emotional roadblocks.  Sound familiar?

For some reason though, every failure and curveball didn’t push me off path.

I learned a whole bunch and that’s why I’ve created Kbuti; a community hub for likeminded peeps and the holistic ‘Pave Your Path to Pregnancy’ course so you can make the best decision about creating your family today.

It’s everything I did to bring a baby into the world plus all the things I wished I’d had done having learned them along the way.

My course is an integrated system designed to put you in the driver’s seat as you navigate and carve out your own conception path while ensuring your future child’s rights are deeply considered.

It was specifically created to support and assist you in figuring out how becoming a parent is not only possible for you, but also what is right for you and your future family.

Having been through the process myself, navigated all the pot-holes and succeeded, I realised I could help others in their journey, and support them through the experience to achieve parenthood like I have now.

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So if you want to take control of your future and put yourself in the best possible position you can to have a baby, with or without someone, Kbuti is a THE platform to learn, regroup and map out your plan.

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“You may feel confused or alone as to how to have a family if you’re considered “socially infertile” or as I prefer to say ‘conception challenged’ . Well, you’re certainly not alone here. The private Kbuti hub was created especially for you!”

Kbuti is the place if you're looking for a community of like-minded people, are in need of support, guidance and resources so you can make the best decision not only on how to move forward but also to connect with others, gain deep and crucial insight into donor conception and beyond.

Our inside circle includes donors, recipients, former donors, donor-conceived, surrogates who are here to guide, support and banter with you. If you're floundering, exhausted or feeling hopeless in figuring out the right path for you to a baby, want to learn about how to map out family trees, navigate legalities or discuss the full donor conception spectrum, those who are adept with this knowledge are here to chat in the forums, groups and on video calls.

Community Connection & Support - Here you can connect with like-minded people and garner support for your mama, papa or donor mission, chat about all things fertility with those who are jumping over the same or similar obstacles and get into some donor nitty-gritty chat away from prying eyes.

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