“Since I cracked open the ‘can-of-sperms’ in a big way and carved out my own pregnancy

path, I’d love to support and guide you along your conception path and beyond.”

Having been through the process myself, navigated all the pot-holes and

succeeded, I realised I could help others in their journey, and support them

through the experience to achieve the gift like I have now.

I’ve been so happy to be able to assist other women across the globe who too are

finding their own ways to parenthood having shared my not so pretty story.



  • Walked through the SHAME of having to use a random man’s sperm to

    create a baby and not that of someone who loved me, 

  • Been JUDGED with contempt for being so selfish in choosing to do this in

    an unconventional way

  • Sat in a lot of FEAR of what raising a child would be and how I could truly

    financially make it possible alone

  • Lashed out at my ex and me for risking my fertile window 

  • Let go of what I thought my life should look like and how it actually is

  • Stopped worrying about if someone will accept me as a package deal opposed

    to staying single

  • Been under the social humiliation spotlight having been ‘left on the shelf’ at

    4-0 without one marriage proposal.

So if you want to take control of your future and put yourself in the best

possible position you can to have a baby, with or without someone, Kbuti is a

wonderful platform to learn, regroup and map out your plan.

This online self learning centre or course is designed to get you in tip-top fertility shape and give you a detailed understanding of the donorscape.  Videos will guide you down the conception path I travelled as well as introduce to a whole bunch of stuff that may assist you in catching that lucky baby break.

It includes over 30 videos, PDF’s, quizzes, questionnaires  and audios.

If you’re floundering, exhausted or feeling hopeless in figuring out the right path for you to a baby, I’m here to assist you in finding your way. Hit me up for a weekly Skype, Zoom or phone call or for a one-off call to get your head around how to do this.



Here you can connect with like-minded people and garner support for your mama mission, chat about all things fertility with those who are jumping over the same or similar obstacles and get into some donor nitty-gritty chat away from prying eyes.

Send through your interest to connect with donors on our new matching site where you can connect with donors who’ve had to jump through all our security and health hoops.

Free DIY Resources


Donor Agreement

Fertility Tracking Sheet

Top Donor Q's

Home Insemination Tips

Fertility Meals Ebook




Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How long is the digi course?

It’s made up of ten modules which consists of short video, downloadable pdf’s and short quizzes.

I have nothing to learn, I just want to connect with donors!

In order to meet with any Kbuti donors who have been vetted, you must go through the Kbuti learning course first.  We only want dedicated like-minded people who are at the same stage and on the same page as no-one wants to waste their valuable time.

I live in the UK, what's the best way for us to connect for one on one support?

I have a calendar that will only show available times that fit both our time zones.  So no matter where you are we can arrange to chat!

Do you only work with locals?

I’m based in Brisbane, Australia and am available to chat no matter where you are.

Is using a known donor legal?

Yes but like all things that require someone else to be involved, there are risks.   However paying for sperm is illegal in many parts of the globe..  

what is your expertise?

I’m the Rachael Ray of cooking only for baby-making ;). While I do have certification in nutrition, I found myself completely immersed in all things fertility when I was searching how I could have a baby on my own.  Kbuti was created because I found a way to have a baby that didn’t break me financially, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.