Who and why you ask?

Men who choose to donate sperm do so for various reasons.  Mostly, they believe they want to help people have families who otherwise couldn’t without donated sperm.  New sperm are constantly created – in fact somewhere between 45-200 odd million of the little squirts every day.

As donating sperm doesn’t hurt a man or give him any life-threatening symptoms similar to man flu, giving it away does not impact them at all.  If anything, it might add some inconvenience in terms of travel.  However, I doubt any man would consider ejaculation to ever a hindrance nor painful experience. It’s more along the lines of a feelgood event.  The fact they get to help others doing it. just makes it an even better all-round good deal.

NSW donation max quota

In New South Wales, fertility clinics are capped at helping 5 women using one donor’s sperm aka gametes.  The number can even be lower if the donor only wants to assist a smaller number of families.  The limit of 5 women includes children born to the donor and any current or former spouse of the donor. 

There are huge fines if an ART provider exceeds the limits that have been set.  These are in the vicinity of $68,000-136,000.  So it’s up to a fertility provider to do their due diligence before onboarding sperm donors and selling their gametes through their libraries.  Unfortunately,  the system isn’t foolproof.  When a man decides he enjoys the feels so much he wants to spread his seed further than the clinics allow.

I do know donors who have donated through clinics and now donate as known donors.  This means that women who thought they may only have up to another 4 families out there, won’t ever truly know how many offspring exist.  That is until those children are old enough or their mothers decide to search for their kids’ bio connections using DNA kits.


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Male Infertility study

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