What or who is your Plan B?

I didn’t think about who the guardians could be until I was in the third trimester of pregnancy because I wasn’t sure if I’d even make it that far along.  It’s a really smart idea to start tossing about names of people you think could step into your shoes even if you’re not here before the baby arrives. Even though the likelihood is low, not everyone makes it to or through childbirth.  Even though we don’t like to think about this, it’s wise to.

I not only looked at my close circle of friends but went through my phone and FB lists so I could then put together a list of people who I thought might make an ideal guardian.  

I then went back over their names and took into consideration their current family situation, lifestyle, views on life, beliefs and current health status.

It was really important for me that I could trust a friend to raise a child like-minded to me and be able to extend lots of love and kindness.  I didn’t want my child to feel like a burden or an outsider inside someone else’s home that would now be theirs.  


I wanted someone who could inspire them with ambition and global dreams and at the same time offer them a childhood that really shaped who could they be.  


Trusting someone to commit to the job of parenting my bundle of joy if I wasn’t around was not as straightforward as I thought it would be. And it wasn’t just about my friends either.  It was about the influences in their life such as their family, friends, education and business perspective that would also trickle down and influence my future child’s world.  

This bigger picture needed time to open up to me and I needed time to really take it all in.


Were they young enough to have a child brought into their life or would it disrupt their life? With their kids leaving home would a little one only burden them? Did they have enough energy to raise another one?


Where do they live and would my child need to be relocated away from family and friends?  Could my chosen guardian/s afford to raise my child?  Would they be able to use any of my funds to elevate my child’s life or would it go to just getting them by?

So many questions and so much to think about!  When you’re responsible for an itty bitty person and there isn’t someone else to raise them if you’re unable to, you really need to figure out your plan B.

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